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The Cincinnati Doomfist

Doomfist, Nintendo 2DSXL, Pokemon Go, Splatoon 2 and much more!

Doomfist is here. He's big. He's bad. He's from... Cincinnati?

Hmmm. Maybe not, but Scott coins the term and we want to know what the "Cincinnati Doomfist" is exactly. We also do a little trivia with Ben as well as some news with Tony. We discuss The Nintendo 2DSXL, Pokemon Go woes, as well as give some quick nods to What Remains of Edith Finch, Thimbleweed Park, and Oxenfree. Doomfist is discussed in a little detail as we have had hands on with his launch this week. We also talk a little bit about Splatoon 2 and other games in this fist swingin' episode of the Nameless Gamers PDX Podcast.

  • This week's sode' brought to you in part by Casper Matresses. Check them out at to save $75.00 for a limited time on a new matress. Thanks Casper!
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