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We talk about Resident Evil 7, Do some trivia with Ben, Tony gives us the news, and Scott asks those all important questions

In this action packed episode the fellas discuss why Snoop Dogg loves video games. Resident Evil 7 is briefly discussed. Ben gets real tense about WoW raids and begins questioning the methods set forth by Blizzard's Wizards. Randy gives a few tips on how to "survive" with an Xbox One until the next "update" hits, and Scott will cover a few questions with the gang. As usual, Tony shows up with a fistful of news and tells it like it is. We also talk about Overwatch's "Year of the Rooster" event that is going on at the time of recording, and do some "real life" terminology / descriptions of old arcade cabinets.

This week's podcast episode brought to you by Bad Yeti Media

"Let them do the dirty work."

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