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Sony News, Nx News, Gadgets, Comic Con, World Eating Bosses, World of Warcraft, and More!

This week we talk about our favorite in-game gadgetry, talk about NX news, discuss the Sony Meeting news that was delivered, answer some trivia questions, and disclose a new World of Warcraft Boss that was found. Then we get into the particulars of some very vague and hazy details that Sony has announced. It seems that Sony's news this week has only left Randy with more questions in this episode. Listen in as the fellas discuss this and much more as they prepare for the Rose City Comic-Con.

We will also be talking about our trip to Rose City Comic-Con next week and we'll be sure to include pictures and some context as needed. We'll be Tweeting and post some to Facebook as well, but will try and post as many as we can find here too. Check us out and follow us on Twitter @iLaggedOut or you can also search for that handle on Facebook to find us there as well! Thanks for listening and remember to spread the word. Tell your friends to listen in and subscribe. Feel free to leave a rating on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or anywhere you are listening! See you next week!

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