This week we talk about our favorite or most memorable "maps". Ben gives us some trivia. Scott verses us in a pretty extensive history lesson, and we talk about the possibility of the thousand dollar console. The other thing I'll mention which we cover briefly is the price hike that Sony is imposing on it's users of the PlayStation Plus service. They are 20% increases for the yearly, and 40% increases to the 3 month plans only. Now, I don't see much of a problem with this as this doesn't impact anyone on a monthly plan which has not changed in price. However, many purchase a year at a time. This price, I should point out is on par with that of Microsoft. What bothers me, is that Sony has not offered comment or offered any reasoning behind it. So, why are they raising prices? I guess we'll have to wait and see if the offer any reasoning behind the change. Up to this point they have declined to address the issue and that bothers me.

We also talk about the $1000.00 console. Now, with VR I guess this can certainly be more of a possibility. I just think that the price point for any thousand dollar console that I would pay for is not VR based. That console would need to be pretty damn special. At that price point I would see fit to throw the cash at a new PC and call it good. Microsoft and Sony sell the consoles they produce at a loss in order to keep the cost down for the consumer at the current price points. That is because they would lose interest in the product on anything with a much higher price tag. Is a thousand dollar console possible? Absolutely. Would it be successful? It is far less likely. I feel that this price, $1000.00 is subject to diminishing returns on profit for a console. I'm not saying that there isn't anyone who would buy one, and I'm not saying that there is no such thing. I'm saying that I don't feel it would be successful to the masses.

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