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Karazhan revisited in WoW,, No Scope stickers verdict, Eichenwalde and more!

"I've gone and made a mess."

This week we talk with Garret from about the current state of eSports and the future of eSports. Although we are down person, we have plenty to discuss this week as World of Warcraft announces patch 7.1 "Return to Karazhan". We want to talk about No Man's Sky but, nobody at the table is qualified this week, so we'll hold off on that for now. It feels like coverage of this game is overkill at this point anyway. Later in the show we mention the new "Eichenwald" map that will be released for Overwatch. By the way, if you haven't seen the new Bastion animated short you should check it out! It's pretty awesome just as all of the shorts are. You can find it on YouTube. Tony is off in Boston this week but Ben, Scott, and Randy offer their take on the "No Scope" sticker that was discussed last episode. Scott and Randy talk about Overwatch team play last week.

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