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Main Characters, No Scope stickers?, Trivia where we all score, Sweden/Iceland + Overwatch

We just moved the studio so, sorry about the sound quality / static ticks etc. in this episode. We'll get that resolved this week hopefully. This episode we agree to try out some "No Scope" static stickers. Scott answers, "Who was your favorite
in game hero?" and then teaches a history lesson. Tony reads us the news from this week. Then we swing over to "Name That Game" with Ben and Randy talks a little about the PS Neo / XBOX upcoming consoles.

There wasn't a whole lot to report this week. No Man's Sky dropped and the internet is ablaze with rumors and speculations about the "multiplayer" capabilities of this title. Apparently it just isn't working at this point. We also talk briefly about Pokémon Uranium, which has since been taken down by the creator due to possible repercussions they could face from Nintendo. Unfortunate really. As usual, thanks for listening and please share!

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