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100% completions, Overwatch Olympics?, People Hate Pokémon Go and More!

*Correction to this episode: When discussing Pokémon Go! - I call Nintendo's recent mobile endeavor "Amiibo" - When, what I meant to say was, "Miitomo".

Due to the slow drip-feed of news we've had lately in reference to the industry, we don't bring a lot of "new" content to the table but, there are a few noteworthy tidbits. This week we cover last week's question on games that we've 100% completed. We also dive into the Overwatch Olympic-like event, "Lucio Ball" and explain how people are cheating. There is some outrage in the world of Pokémon Go as well right now. This lends credence to the fact that this game just may not have the "legs" to keep it upright for long term success. Later in the episode there is mention of "We Happy Few" and the disappointment so far with the early access. It almost feels like the game was basically "advertised" as something that it really doesn't represent.'s early access I guess. So, who knows what the finished product will look like? Enjoy the show and visit our Facebook page - just search for Nameless Gamers PDX. You can also follow us over on Twitter @iLaggedOut

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