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Season 2 Ep. 3 - Who Would Bang Toad?

Kill/marry/bang gaming edition and more! - nx/news/trivia/questions

Not a whole lot to add this week as it's been a relatively slow week in gaming news. In this episode though we answer last week's question: (video game style) who would you kill/marry/bang? For whatever reasons... Then, we do deliver some NX news and Randy gives a rambling theory of what Nintendo may be trying to accomplish with the portable gaming / mobile angle. Something about Pokemon and your TV? Tony discloses the "leaked" Eurogamer info in reference to the NX as well. We were without Jess this week, so we were down one but, we drank the same amount of beer. How does that work? Thanks for listening! Remember to subscribe to us on iTunes and Please take a minute and review and rate our show it really helps us gauge where we are at and helps us design our show.

We usually don't ask for much of a call to action. This week we only ask that you share our show with your friends and family that may enjoy it. Retweet or post on your social media. Just help spread the word! We are growing. As we do so, we want to make certain that our reviews and ratings are from those that like to participate and do enjoy what we are doing as much as we do. Thanks again for your participation and thank you for sharing!

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