CORRECTION FROM PODCAST: Reaper is not and was not rumored to be a "luchador" I mixed up lore and rumors. Easy to do if you have read as much as I have on this.

Welcome to a new week NG Faction. On this week's Episode "Ben is Really Sombra" we speculate as to who the next rumored character for Overwatch is. We also gather and discuss some pretty compelling evidence which I will lay out here for clarification. Keep in mind that this is just our theory and is not fact at this time.

So, just who is Sombra?

Well, Sombra is probably the "pre-teen" girl in this video called "Hero". If you haven't watched the video, do so before continuing. I find it odd that in this video there are needless comments to establish her age, and timeline of when this video was done. In addition, every other video that has come out to this point has two of the Overwatch characters featured. This is the only video that features just one character which appears to be Solider 76 if you are looking at it one way. That is...unless Sombra is this girl. In which case, the standard two heroes are present: Sombra and Solider 76.

Here is a list of things we speculate or know so far:

  • Sombra is allegedly supposed to be a “Stealth” type character.
  • The name “Sombra” translates to “Shadow” from Spanish to English. This ties into Dorado’s history where every year they have the Festival de Luz (festival of light) in celebration of the ending of the Omnic Crisis. You can research this info in the wiki linked below.
  • The girl in the video's name is Alejandra. Who we theorize is Sombra.
  • According to Wiki, which you can read at your leisure, Sombra is probably from Dorado. There are hints around the level indicating / mentioning Sombra as well as Soldier 76. 
  • Reaper occasionally says, “Where is Sombra when you need her?” Meaning they could have come from intersecting stories. Reaper, or “Gabriel Reyes” was with Solider 76 also during the original removal of the Omnics from Dorado. Somehow the two Reaper and Sombra knew/know of each other.
  • "Panaderia Las Nieblas" or Bakery of the Mists/Fog, is the bakery in the video that belongs to Alejandra's family. When you mix and match the words in the name, (mix/match Spanish and English) one can arrive at a combo of "Panaderia of the Mists" which is probably a throwback to Blizzard's Mists of Panderia expansion for World of Warcraft. Which may or may not lead one to believe that Sombra could really be a rogue type character. It may just be a random play on words by the programmers and writers.
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