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Trivia, Overwatch League, Sombra Live Play and Discussion, Robert Kraft, Tom Brady and More!

Well it's here the week of Thanksgiving. Get ready to start untangling those wads of Christmas lights. In this week's whiskey fueled episode, Ben calls out Tom Brady and challenges him to a COD match. Tony tells us the ins and outs of Blizzard's newest animal: The Overwatch League. Robert Kraft takes interest in the Overwatch League as well. Scott and the fellas talk about the favorite in game vehicles from past and present games. Randy gives out the finer points of Sombra and the new modes available in Overwatch including 1v1 and the other arcade modes. Tony delivers some other tidbits of news, although these last two weeks have been rather disturbingly quiet. Next episode we will feature our PS4 playing bassist friend Nick Fisher and we will be investigating some products on Amazon. Tune in next show! Thank you all for listening. Remember to head over to iTunes and leave us a review. It really does help us! This holiday, we ask that you spread the word of NGPDX by telling a friend about the show! Share the love everyone! Happy holidays. See you again in 2 weeks for our first "Christmas Cheer" special!

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