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Polybius, Forza Horizon 3, GTA, Final Fantasy, Battlefield 1, Mafia 3, Video Gaming Worlds

This very spooky episode of Nameless Gamers PDX Podcast is one of two episodes in the month of October we are celebrating Halloween. True to spirit, we have decided to cover some stories of paranormal origin relative to video games. This genre of content, actually exists believe it or not. It was shocking to find the stories that were available. This episode we bring you the urban legend of Polybius. A video game thought to have existed in or around 1981 in Portland, OR. The game was an arcade cabinet rumored to have government link in the way of psychological studies and experiment on the public. It was also rumored to have the ability to have ill effects on the people who played it. There is a link to the Wiki referencing the story. Click here to check it out.

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