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Blizzard Tech, Monkey Puzzle, Firewatch, Forza Horizon 3, Bioshock Remasterd #ExtraLivesMatter

We are switching to a bi-weekly format. This means that we will be having longer episodes every 2 weeks instead of 45 minute episodes each week. This gives us time to gather more content and allows us more time to play the games we love as well as giving us more time with our families. So, although it may not be as frequently, it will be richer in content and discussion as well as length.

This week we talk about "Blizzard Tech" and the discontinuation of Battlenet. We drink a bottle of Monkey Puzzle whiskey and skip Scott's history segment...accidentally. Tony reads us some news this week. We talk about the launch of Firewatch Xbox One and the new Free Roam mode. Issues with the Bioshock Remastered PC ports are discussed. We also talk about the Forza Horizon 3 demo. #ExtraLivesMatter

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