You have probably noticed some pretty significant changes in our show if you've been paying attention. We are currently working with local businesses and other community presences to secure partnerships and establish roots. We are working with some of those that have expressed belief in what we are doing, and support our cause of bringing a message of fun and friendship from the gaming community to the masses.

Our "pilot" season was very successful, and so we will be starting our first serious season beginning July 18th with our season debut episode, "Richard Karn's House of the Dead". We hope you continue to share and pass on word of our show! We look forward to continuing the show and being able to interact with all of you who support us! At this time, we do not accept money for the show. The podcast is always free. We are working with the folks over at though on setting up a donation only website. This website will include additional content for your donation! So, you will have access to very specific and exclusive content from Nameless Gamers PDX. This will be released in the coming weeks and will give our listeners the ability to help craft or participate in our future episodes, as well as obtain shirts, ringtones and other rewards. Visit us over on Twitter @iLaggedOut or find us by searching for Nameless Gamers PDX on Facebook.

Thank you!

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