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Science! with Ben

Overwatch's Mercy and Mei are discussed, SNES Classic, Battlenet, and much more!

In this episode, we discuss the usage of kite surfing aerodynamics and also video games. Ben drills us with trivia, we get into the intricacy and fancy dance of Overwatch balancing with the changes upcoming for Mercy. We also get into Mei's new cinematic trailer as well as discuss the name, "Battlenet". Then we dig into the SNES classic sales everyone has been talking about. Scott answers our last episode's question, "What character did you get an emotional charge out of (good or bad)? Jess and the gang review what they've been playing recently and then Scott leaves us with a question to ponder, "What useless achievement did you just HAVE TO get"? All in this episode of Nameless Gamers PDX!
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