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[ REVIEW ] - Vaporum

A Steampunk / RPG / Dungeon Crawler Experience

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Developer: Fatbot Games s. r. o.

Publisher: Fatbot Games s. r. o.

Platforms: Steam PC

The set-up for Vaporum places our protagonist in front of a large metallic structure, on an island, with amnesia. Right away I am taken back to the type of game that does not give you a 30 minute tutorial but trusts the intelligence of its audience. This is compounded by the fact that at the beginning of the game you are given a couple of options to make the game feel and play more old school, thus more difficult; the main option being the ability to turn off the auto-map, forcing you to get out the old pen and paper.

I tried to make my experience as nostalgic as possible and was immediately rewarded with the kind of wooden movement you would find in a dungeon crawler of this kind from the 80’s. You might think this would make the action of the game just as wooden, but I have to say that I didn’t find that to be the case.

The game is fairly forgiving, and the armor and weapon combinations make battling in this game pretty versatile. The game starts in a pretty mundane lower level where the puzzles are simple and the story is pretty basic. As you progress both of these become more convoluted and sinister, ramping up to an apex that needs to be experienced. I recommend this game for anyone who enjoyed Grimrock or the older Wizardry series, though this game has a bit of the Myst feel too.

While the game is made for a mouse and keyboard, I found the game can be easily configured with a controller for those fellow gamers who enjoy playing their PC games on a TV. When doing this, I found the controls are manageable, and again the game is a bit forgiving.

Overall, the game has the feel of something from the past. There is spotty nostalgia and a hearkening back to the dungeon crawlers from years prior. In the end, Vaporum is a good game with some solid fundamentals. In all honesty there is nothing here to rave about, but the game is good as a whole and deserves a look. The features made available to disable the map are charming in a way that I can appreciate, but others will likely despise. Give it a shot and let us know in the comments what you think.

Written by: Jeff O'Reilly - Content Producer

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