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[ REVIEW ] - Thimbleweed Park

A Point and Click Murder Mystery - Xbox One, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Mac OS (coming soon PS4)

I played through Thimbleweed Park and it's exactly what it claims to be. If you are familiar with the old school adventure games from the days of old, like King's Quest, Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island then you know what Thimbleweed Park is all about. This is a modern take created by the same folks responsible for some of those games. Terrible Toybox has delivered a great point and click murder mystery here. I was concerned about how these types of games actually hold up over time. I thought that this game format was a little played out, but Thimbleweed Park actually felt like a welcome change from today's hustle and bustle type games. Exploration, and experimentation are key. You play as several different characters and are able to switch between them all as you uncover a murder mystery and how everyone fits into the puzzle. There are two characters that are FBI agent types, a foul mouthed insult comic clown, a game developer, and a ghost? Yep. It's very diverse.

You have been sent to investigate the mystery of Thimbleweed Park, and a murder victim is discovered right up front that kicks off the whole story. As time progresses and you start to discover the oddities in the town, you will begin to untangle the web of the story which gets...well, really weird. It ends up being more a tour of a town where there is a murder, you are the agents, and David Lynch is your tour guide. Not literally of course, but very much in that vein. The style of the pixel art is clever and charming which definitely tugs at the heart strings of nostalgia for many people I'm sure, including myself. It successfully revisits those old days of point and click adventure games. The creators absolutely took liberties of basing a lot of the humor and story around the ideas of creating games as well. I particularly enjoyed the Commodore 64 commands and screens that were used. If you don't get the joke, you just don't. The creators took a shot on small demographic of people who do remember those games and get a lot of the jokes. I lived in the days of "peek and poke" programming, so I understood this humor.

A tour of a town where there is a murder, you are the agents, and David Lynch is your tour guide.

This game's story gets absolutely wild and it's highly entertaining. The one take away from this game I will leave you with, is that it is a very specific type of game, and if you don't like these types of games this just propbably won't be for you. I played a lot of these types of games in my youth though, and this new, more modern twist is a welcome title in my collection. The copy that I played was on Xbox One and was $19.99 which is an excellent price point for the game. The game is also heading to PS4 very soon, but as of the time of this article it is not available there yet. I really liked Thimbleweed Park, and if you are a fan of the point and click adventures of days past, you probably will too.

-Randy Lunsford

Sr. Content Producer / Bad Yeti Media

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