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An explosive episode with, trivia, a Byuu update, Nintendo Switch, Games with Gold for March and a guess at the PS4 equivalent

In this explosive episode, the fellas talk about Michael Bay, Arnold Schwartzenegger, and several video games. There is trivia and news about Byuu and the saving of the SNES Preservation Project, as well as Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch launch date is coming in hot on March 3rd.

Free games with gold in March:

  • Xbox One: Evolve, Layers of Fear
  • Xbox 360: Borderlands 2 and Heavy Weapon

March 7th is the PS Plus title drop - No official words but, we have a guy. Freebies could include:

Killzone: Shadow Fall, Fat Princess Adventure, Steamworld Heist or Hotline Miami 2.

One report included Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor as well. Of course...these are just educated guesses. We could be wrong.

Sponsors, mentions and partners:

Bad Yeti Media Solutions
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Check out Truax Designs Website

Truax Designs make these pretty cool sculptures Scott mentioned on the show as well as some crazy looking metal sculpting. They are pretty damn cool. Here is a picture of one of the fossilized style impressions he has:

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