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Hey, Jess Is Here.

Gaming Alignments, Xbox One's Update, Oculus Rift Pricing, and More!

In this episode, Jess comes back to the studio to record with us. Going forward, she tells us that she will be on the show here and there as time permits. She started the show with us, and we're glad to have her back! Scott explains video game ethical alignments, and answers the question of the episode from the last show. Ben throws in some trivia. Jess verses us in gaming history this episode, Tony covers Oculus price drops, some gaming rumors, and we talk a little about he Xbox One's most recent update.


In the coming months we are gearing for some pretty massive coverage, and have a few trips planned which is super exciting. Portland Retro Gaming Expo, PAX West, Rose City Comic Con are all on the campaign trail, and we're looking forward to it. We'll try and provide some live coverage to everyone via podcasts, and site updates the best we can on the road.

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