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Happy Cinco De Mayo Bob Barker

Nintendo Switch, Chinese Drop Rate Law, Little Nightmares, Zelda, and Much More!

In this very "especial" episode of Nameless Gamers PDX, the fellas talk about Chinese drop rate laws, Nintendo Switch, assorted games and the Blood of Nazis? Yep. That's a thing. We wish Bob Barker a very happy Cinco De Mayo this year and discuss the ins and outs of what Tell Tale games would be good. If you're listening Tell Tale- you're welcome. There were some bangers in there.

In related news, we will be attending the Portland Retro Gaming Convention in the fall and are partnering with vendors and other businesses to try and establish some form of merchandise. Unfortunately, it will likely only be for this event but email us at if you're interested and we'll see what we can do for a case by case basis. Tee shirts, mugs, decals and glasses etc. will be available on the Convention. Thanks to Kismet Designs for chipping in on that!

As usual, thank you all so very much for listening and if you'd like to support the show head on over to . Thanks for the reviews!

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