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We talk bad AI in games, Castlevania on Netflix, do some trivia with Ben, Scott asks some of the all important questions, and Tony and Randy go over the news.

In this episode we talk about some bad bad AI in video games we've experienced from Fallout 4, to Mickey Mousecapades and much more. We also do some trivia with Ben where we try to recall all of the items used in the original Zelda for the NES and it proves to be more than challenging. Can the fellas get them all? Tony and Randy cover news from the last week in gaming covering more Overwatch news, and some other assorted tidbits including the Castlevania show coming to Netflix. Thanks for listening! Check out our brand new site at - We will probably be migrating to exclusively Patreon in the near future for this podcast. Thank you for your support and for listening.

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