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2017 E3 Announcements

This Episode: E3 Announcements - We Talk Video Game Themed Amusement Parks

In this special E3 themed episode, we talk about video game theme parks that we'd like to see in the real world, as well as cover almost all of the important E3 announcements from this year's E3 in LA. Next episode be prepared for some in depth discussions about many of the new games. In the meantime, also be sure to check our back catalog of podcasts on our website. Be sure to visit if you enjoy what you hear and you'd like to support the show!


Thank you all for listening to the Nameless Gamers PDX Podcast. If you'd like to reach us, send us an email over to - See you all again in two weeks. Also, we want to remind everyone we have some good content in the hopper, as we will be covering the Retro Gaming Expo in Portland during the month of October, and PAX West in September. We have some exciting things in store and can't wait to share with you all.

-"I hate this map."

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